Geodrafter - Draw 2D Geometry easily

For each geometric shape enter one line of text. Available:

circle(x|y radius) circleseg(x|y radius startangle endangle) ellipse(x|y width length) line(x|y x|y) lineseg(x|y x|y) polygon(x|y x|y …) point(x|y "text") rectangle(x|y width length) text(x|y "text") star(x|y radius sides depth rotation) triangle(x|y x|y x|y) vector(x|y x|y)

Add the # sign at the end of each line to hide the filling of the shape, for instance circle(0|6 2)#

Animation: Values can be changed gradually. Click on a number value, hold the ALT key and press



Right mouse button on the image > Save image as

Coordinate system ON

2D Gallery / Examples / Inspirations

  • The geometric proof that a/sin(α) = 2·radius
  • Draft of a triangle
  • Construction exercise: Three points of a triangle on a circle
  • Thales circle and finding the root
  • Two lines and the x-axis create a triangle
  • Addition of two vectors

If you have created an interseting graphic then send us the link to and we add it to the gallery above.

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