Plotlux: Plotter for arbitrary Functions

Enter your functions separated by semicolon:

f(x) = ~plot~ 2*x;x^4-2x^3;{1|2};x=1 ~plot~

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How to use the Plotter:

  • separate multiple graphs with semicolon ;
  • set a point with curly brackets, use a vertical | to separate the coordinates, example: {1|2}
  • horizontal lines can be entered as number, example: 3
  • orthogonal lines can be set with x=Constant, example: x=2
  • the visible area of the coordinate system (Zoom) can be set with [[ xmin | xmax | ymin | ymax ]]
  • Pi and e are entered as: pi, e
  • between brackets and numbers you have to add a multiplication sign, example: 2*(x+1,5)
  • enter square roots as sqrt(2) or x^(1/2), n-th roots in exponential notation: x^(1/3), x^(1/4)
  • absolute value function like |2-x| can be entered as: abs(2-x)
  • available functions: sin(x) cos(x) tan(x) sec(x) csc(x) cot(x) asin(x) acos(x) atan(x) asec(x) acsc(x) acot(x), sinh(x) cosh(x) tanh(x) sech(x) csch(x) coth(x) asinh(x) acosh(x) atanh(x) asech(x) acsch(x) acoth(x), ln(x) log(x) sqrt(x) abs(x) floor(x) ceil(x) u(x)
  • piecewise polynomial functions are possible, for example: f(x) = {x, x<0; x2, x>0} can be graphed by: (x<0)*x+(x>0)*x^2

Plot Navigation:

- Hold the mouse button and drag the coordinate system and the graphs

- Mouse wheel: Zoom in and out

Have fun while graphing!

Example 2: Asymptote

~plot~ 1/x+1;1 ~plot~

Example 3: Graph with Point and horizontal Line

~plot~ -x^(sin(pi*x)); x^(sin(pi*x));{1|1};1 ~plot~

Example 4: Define visible Area (Zoom)

The visible area of the coordinate system can be set. The Syntax: [[ xmin | xmax | ymin | ymax ]]

~plot~ 2*x;-x+3;[[-0,25|2|-0,5|4]] ~plot~