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Using the Geoservant you can create geometric shapes from simple text. For example, input "cube(0|0|0 5)" and you get a cube drawn in the origin of ordinates with an edge length of 5. All available drawing objects are listed below.

Drawing Objects:

cube(x|y|z edgelength) cuboid(x|y|z length|width|height) cylinder(x|y|z h|rt|rb|s|o|β) line(x|y|z x|y|z) lineseg(x|y|z x|y|z) parallelepiped(xS|yS|zS x|y|z x|y|z x|y|z) plane(x|y|z x|y|z x|y|z) point(x|y|z "text") polygon(x|y|z x|y|z …) quadrangle(x|y|z x|y|z x|y|z x|y|z) sphere(x|y|z radius) text(x|y|z "text") triangle(x|y|z x|y|z x|y|z) vector(xS|yS|zS x|y|z "a")


Enter one geometric object per line.


Developed by Matheretter

Tips on Geometric Inputs

  1. Colors: Add the HEX color code in the end of the line in brackets, for example: sphere(3|3|1 2){F00}
  2. Coordinate Planes: You can show them by adding the line coordinateplanes(xy xz yz), remove the ones you do not need. Add # behind for grids.
  3. Rotation: Cuboid, cube, text, cylinder can be rotated in x-y-z-direction, simply add the angles (in degrees) in square brackets in the end. Example: cube(2|2|3 4)[0|45|90]
  4. Animation: Values can be changed gradually. Click on any number value, hold the CTRL ATL SHIFT keys and press cursors for 0.1 steps and for 1.0 steps.
  5. To create a cone, choose a cylinder(x|y|z h|rt|rb|s|o|β) and set rt (radius of top surface) to value 0. For example: cylinder(2|2|0 2|0|4|200)
  6. To create a hemisphere or parts of a sphere, use the extended syntax for spheres: sphere(x|y|z radius, phiStart, phiLength, thetaStart, thetaLength) Let us explain the different values: phiStart is the horizontal starting angle, phiLength is the horizontal sweep angle, thetaStart is the vertical starting angle and thetaLength is the vertical sweep angle. Here is an example of a hemisphere: sphere(0|0|4 4 0 6.28 1.55 3.14)
  7. Presentation video of Geoservant 3D (in German): Geoknecht 3D - Revolution für den Mathe-Unterricht (3D Geometrie)
  8. You have another tip or something is not clear? Then write us!

Navigation with the Mouse

3D navigation by Mouse:
· Hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse to rotate the scene.
· Hold down the right mouse button and move the mouse to move the scene camera in 3D space.
· Mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

Variables for the Input

You can define arbitrary variables in your input (one variable per line). Here are some examples:
· $x=4 for cuboid, vector, triangle, cube
· $x=1|2|3 for vector with label
· $y=2 and $x=1|2|3 for vector and sphere
· $x=Test for multiple text usage

  • 3D-coordinates of a cube with space diagonal and face diagonal
  • Create a straight line with support vector and direction vector
  • Plane in space
  • Vectors and plane quadrangle
  • Plane, vector and line and their intersection point
  • Straight lines with track points
  • Coordinate planes
  • Examples of sphere, cuboid, cube, triangle, vector
  • Examples for text rotation
  • Example for cuboid rotations
  • Create a triangle by 3 vectors, complement a 4th vector for a parallelogramm (3 possibilities)
  • Walked way on the surface of a pyramid
  • Cone with inscribed rectangular triangle
  • Hemisphere

If you have created an interseting 3D graphic, then send us the link to and we add it to the gallery above.

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